Breedlove Jeff Bridges Amazon Concert Sunburst CE

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Jeff Bridges is committed to preserving our planet and to encouraging consumers to make the right choices about the products they use. The Academy Award®-winning actor, musician and environmentalist has joined Breedlove in designing a series of signature guitars that affirm we can have the very best while also honoring our trees and protecting the habitats and sustaining the local communities they serve.

Emblazoned with Bridges’ “All in the Together” motto along the fretboard, and his signature inlaid along the back of the Wave headstock, the Jeff Bridges Amazon Concert Sunburst CE Torrefied European-Granadillo is proof that sustainability sounds great, for both the soul and the ear.

No clear-cut woods are used in the Designed in Bend Organic Collections from Breedlove. Owner Tom Bedell has traveled to the world’s key rainforests to personally ensure the responsible harvest practices that result in these forward-looking, light, resonant guitars—instruments you can feel good about playing, that will remind you with every strum that we truly are “All in this Together.”

Granadillo, hailed as “La Madera Que Canta,” or ‘the wood that sings, comes from the mighty Amazon jungle. It is sourced in Suriname, which has some of the world’s most stringent preservation-minded regulations on the harvesting of natural materials. With beautiful blonde sapwood accenting its haunting reddish grain and Cocobolo-like sonic richness, this is “the guitar that sings!”