Mesa Boogie JP-2C, Black with Tan Grille

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Unleash Your Inner Rockstar with the JP-2C - the Ultimate Signature Amp! With over 30 years of collaboration between MESA and guitar legend John Petrucci, this amplifier is a dream come true for electric guitar players.

With its roots in the iconic MARK IIC+, the JP-2C offers a next-generation re-issue that features a host of enhancements born from decades of research and development. Purpose-built for ultimate performance, this no-compromise amp is designed to deliver the most aggressive, purest IIC+ sound ever.

Experience the highest headroom clean sound, a tight, grinding and articulate crunch rhythm channel, and the ultimate lead channel with even more saturation. No matter what your style, the JP-2C is ready to track any technique and speed while reaching to the stratosphere for single note solos.

Celebrate your love of music and your passion for guitar with the JP-2C. Get your hands on the ultimate amplifier today!