Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier, Blackout

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This is the one you know, updated for the modern era with better cleans, a fantastic series effects loop, and three channels, ranging from crystal cleans, light crunch, classic Raw gain, vintage rock, and then of course heavy, brutal Modern! 

This one comes to us from Mesa fully blacked out, with black knobs and black tread plate! Nothing will look AND sound better than this beast, roaring in all its 100 watts (OR 50 watts, selectable per channel!)


  • 100 watts all-tube, switchable per channel to 50 watts. 
  • Four 6L6 power tubes, Five 12AX7 tubes, Two 5U4 rectifier tubes
  • Switchable between solid state and tube rectifiers
  • Bold or Spongy power
  • Switchable to EL34 power tubes (with bias switch)
  • Global Output
  • Solo Boost

Includes footswitch