Tech 21 NYC Bass FlyRig

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Tech 21 NYC wasn't content with keeping all the FlyRig fun to guitarists, so they decided to bring bassists one too! And what a cool piece it is. 


With 3-band EQ, drive, and a pre-boost, this is the Sansamp for bass that you love, in a tiny package. 


The Octafilter brings Minimoog-style synth fun to your bass tone. Both fuzz and octave tones are here, as is a Q control to affect the tone. 


Derived from the Bass Boost Chorus, this effect adds thickness and space to your bass tone. 


Old school all-analog compression, which makes your bass lines warmer and more transparent. 


With the boost, you can choose whether you're going to run it pre or post to the Sansamp module, and thus effects the tone. 


Holding down the CHR button gives you a highly accurate chromatic tuner that handles low notes perfectly.