Mesa Boogie Subway TT-800

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Introducing the Subway TT-800: Where Classic Heritage Meets Modern Innovation!

For over two decades, the all-tube Boogie® BASS 400+ reigned as a modern-day classic, embraced by legendary bassists like Paul McCartney, Mark King, and Stanley Clarke. Now, the legacy continues with our award-winning Subway® Series, a triumph of accuracy, warmth, and portability in the Class D realm.

The Subway TT-800 stands as the pinnacle of evolution, seamlessly combining the best of both worlds: the rich tube character of the Bass 400+ and the contemporary flair of the Subway Channel. It's like having Tube Bloom and FET Punch & Detail at your fingertips, whenever you desire!

Fueling this powerhouse is a Dual Mono setup with two separate channels, synergizing with the muscular 800-Watt Class D power section to lay the foundation for your ultimate Bass Tone. Unveiling an all-new tube-driven preamp, the TT-800 lets you experience the lush, blooming tube personality of the legendary Bass 400+ through the Boogie channel. Alternatively, switch to the Subway Channel for a modern, tight low end, punchy mids, and crystal-clear highs.

These versatile Channels can be toggled with ease, perfect for one instrument with multiple responses or dedicated to various instruments, each with its own character and requirements. Embrace your creativity with our patch-point style independent Effects Loop design, offering the flexibility to run distinct processing for each Channel/Instrument or introduce your favorite external preamp for a unique sonic flavor.

Harmonizing Vintage Essence with Modern Customization:

The top BOOGIE Channel, influenced by the iconic Bass 400+ signal path, envelopes you in 3-D tube warmth, now enhanced with Subway’s HIGHPASS and a semi-parametric control for precision over the MID frequencies. The result? A sound that's already epic now takes on a new dimension of versatility.

In contrast, the lower SUBWAY Channel caters to the contemporary bassist's needs, delivering articulate, nuanced detail with immediacy and authority. And yes, it boasts a tube preamp for that extra dose of sonic goodness.

Modern Convenience, Endless Possibilities:

Unleash your tone-shaping prowess with the TT-800's DEEP and BRIGHT switches, perfect for adapting to different environments and styles. Whether it's taming "boomy" acoustics or adding sparkle to your playing, these features empower your sonic journey.

Global GAIN switching enables you to craft your attack and headroom preferences, with LOW offering pristine clarity and HIGH driving the tubes for an explosive experience, especially in the Boogie Channel. Enter the new OD (Overdrive) SYMMETRY control, allowing you to dial in harmonics ranging from tight and focused to rich and harmonically diverse.

The Subway® TT-800: Where vintage enhanced meets modified modern. Elevate your bass playing with harmonious precision and power. Get ready to redefine your sound today!