PRS SE McCartys are here!!

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PRS SE McCartys are here!!

You may have noticed that PRS has brought out another iteration of their very popular McCarty 594 line, this time to the affordable yet high quality SE line. After a bit of a wait (stuff still is sometimes tough to get!) we’ve received the full gamut of models and colors, from the 594, to the 594 Singlecut, and finally the 594 Singlecut Standard. 

These guitars are made overseas in Indonesia, but in a PRS-specific factory, with careful and stringent quality control in at PRS in Maryland. You may be paying less, but you’re still getting a fantastic, arguably pro level guitar!

This series leans more towards Paul Reed Smith’s vintage ideas, with a wonderfully comfortable “Pattern Vintage” neck, which has a slightly asymmetrical shape to the back, as well as “Low Turn” pickups, for a lower gain, more open sound. 

On paper, the neck is thicker than any SE before it. However in practice, the way the thicker bass side comfortably fits your palm, and the treble side freeing you to do solos and other upper registry work, it’s truly a brilliant design. 

The 58/15 LT “S” pickups harken back to the 50’s, when humbuckers cut that pesky hum, but weren’t a ton hotter than their single coil brethren. This lower gain, more open sound fits blues and classic rock extremely well. However, there being no rules with electric guitar, fits right in with hard rock and metal too!

The rest of the guitar is well appointed too, with a high mass two-piece stoptail bridge, vintage-style tuners, and beautiful binding along the rosewood fretboard. And of course, the requisite PRS birds are there, to show you and everyone else just what kind of guitar you’re playing!

Stop into the shop today, and check one out. You won’t find a better guitar in their price range, and then some!