Goodtime Music has been doing guitar and bass repairs for over 30 years! Here is just a small list of the many services we offer. From simple restrings and setups to complete custom builds, we do it all!

Our most popular service is the Setup, which is something you should have done at least twice a year on your instrument, as the seasons change. This ensures a lifetime of enjoyment from your guitar or bass. It includes:

  • Neck adjustment
  • Intonation check and adjustment
  • String change
  • Light fret polish
  • Cleaning and/or oiling of fretboards
  • Check, clean, and tighten electronics
  • Check and tighten tuning machines and hardware
  • Adjust, clean and lubricate nut slots
  • Balancing of tremolo unit or tailpiece
  • Radiusing saddles as needed
  • Adjust pickup height for optimal volume and tone
  • Full cleaning and polishing of instrument

If you have any questions, feel free to stop by, give us a call at 630.837.3733, or e-mail us at


Setup (6-string electric, acoustic, classical, 4/5 string bass)


Setup 12-string electric or acoustic)


String Change (6-string fixed, non-locking trem)


String Change (12-string, Floyd)


String Change (classical)


Pickup Swap (not including pickups) Not including electronics

Starting at $45
Side File $35
Fingerboard Scrape $30

Premium Setup with Full Level, Crown and High Polish


New Nut (not including nut) 6-string, bass

Starting at $45

New Nut 12-string

Starting at $65

Hand-shaped nut from bone or synthetic


Acoustic saddle

Starting at $40

12-string acoustic saddle

Starting at $50

Electronics work

Starting at $25

Tuners Install

Starting at $25
Excessively Dirty Guitars $20

NOTE: As of 7.14.24, guitar and bass repairs need to be picked up within 14 business days. After that, they will incur a $25 storage fee. At 45 days, it will be put up for sale.