Marshall DSL20CR 1x12 Combo

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The brand new Marshall DSL20C tube combo is the versatile, small but powerful combo you've been waiting for! Two different channels, two different power modes, a great sounding digital reverb, and an effects loop for all your stompboxes await you. 

On Classic Gain channel, dial in anything from a pristine clean to a classic crunch that sounds good enough to ring hell's bells. :)

On the Ultra Gain channel, you've got a wide range of tones, from a brown sound to 80's thrash and anywhere in between. 

The transparent loop gladly accepts your delay and modulation pedals, and while you can use a reverb pedal too, the amp already has you covered with a studio quality digital reverb of its own!

This isn't your father's DSL series; Marshall revoiced them completely for 2018, and it shows!