Mesa Boogie Badlander 100 Head

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A new breed of Rectifier is here, with modern features to match its truly modern and versatile sound! The Badlander 100 all-tube head features two “Channel Cloned” channels, each one featuring Clean, Crunch, and Crush.

Clean is everything you’d need in clean, but does so much more. Sure, you can dial in clean cleans that chime like the best of them, but running the gain knob higher gets you a classic pushed dirt sound that’ll take pedals like a champ.

Crunch picks up from there, getting you anything from a more classic sound to a modern tightness not found in other Rectos. The sweep on the gain knob is so broad that you can run it full tilt and not have it fart out. Finally, Crush does what the name implies; brutal, tight gain that gets a modern edge to it that you’ll help you cut through the mix. 

Set up a Clean on one channel, then a Crunch or Crush on the second. Or do a Crunch and Crush. Two Cleans. Two Crushes! Anything you want, to fit the gig you’re doing! It doesn’t stop there though. The 100 watt will also do 50 watts or even 20 watts. Also, the power switch has a Bold/Variac switch, so if you want a bit more sponginess to your tone, the Variac switch will get you there. 

Lastly, for those wanting to run their amp direct to the board or even for silent recording, the Badlander has a CabClone IR built right in, allowing for up to eight different cabinet/microphone emulations per channel! Want to use your own IR’s (impulse response)? No problem! Plug in the USB and transfer your IR’s over and set them to whichever channel you’d like. Want to play 100% silent? You can play without any cabinet connected thanks to the Badlander’s reactive load, and then run the XLR output direct to your recording interface, mixer, or even using the headphone output to play silently. 


  • Full Power or Variac Power switch
  • Five 12AX7 preamp tubes
  • Four EL34 power amp tubes, switchable to 6L6 with a bias switch
  • Two channels, three modes: Clean, Crunch, and Crush
  • Independent EQ on each channel
  • Fully tube buffered series effects loop
  • CabClone IR cabinet simulator with built-in reactive load for silent playing