Boss CE-2w Waza Craft Chorus

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The legendary Boss CE-2: the purest form of chorus bliss for guitars for decades. Often imitated, also sought after, this piece of stomp box history was just that: history. 

Until now. Boss brings back the CE-2 as the CE-2w Wazacraft, improving on the original while keeping its soul the same as the original. 

There are now three modes in this little durable box: 

  1. Standard - gives you the iconic CE-2 sound. 
  2. CE-1 chorus - the tone of the CE-2's bigger predecessor, the CE-1.
  3. CE-2 vibrato - the CE-1's sought after vibrato tone.

Don't let the opportunity to own this slice of guitar effects history pass you by. You get boutique quality tone and versatility in a reliable, Made-in-Japan Boss pedal with a 5-year warranty!