Mesa Boogie Powerhouse Attenuator

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Elevate your tone game with the ultimate power attenuator designed for true aficionados – introducing the PowerHouse. It's not just an attenuator; it's a sonic sculptor that prioritizes tone and feel while preserving the enchantment of your tube amp at any volume.

The PowerHouse features a reactive Load, an advanced version inspired by our CabClone IR series. This load protects your amp's power section, mirroring the frequency and response curve of your favorite speaker cabinet. Experience the same interaction with your amp's power section but run silently and safely when a live speaker cabinet isn't an option.

Choose between LOAD or SPEAKER modes and unleash your signal through the optimized LINE OUT ¼” output on the Rear Panel. Connect to Impulse Response players, additional amplification, re-amping consoles, or effects processors – anywhere an unprocessed signal is key. In SPEAKER mode, the two ¼ SPEAKER jacks function like those on your amp, giving you versatility in routing.

The PowerHouse's Attenuation Control provides a full range of options, including Bypass and 4 Power Reduction levels (-4, -8, -12, and -16dB). The lowest setting features an infinite attenuation LEVEL control for whisper-soft volumes and below. The Front Panel's Voicing Switch adds further customization with NORMAL, BRIGHT, and WARM settings.

Covering all bases, the PowerHouse ensures seamless integration with your live cabinets through two parallel-wired ¼” OUTPUT jacks. This powerhouse can handle amplifiers up to 150 Watts, available in 4, 8, and 16 Ohm impedance versions. It's time to redefine your sonic experience with the PowerHouse – where tone meets innovation.