Mesa Boogie Rectifier 2x12 Horizontal, Black Taurus

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Introducing the Rectifier 2x12 Horizontal Cabinet - a legend in the world of guitar amplification. Designed by matching the dimensions of the bottom two speakers in a Standard Oversized Rectifier 4x12, this cabinet delivers huge punch, projection, and authority from its small size.

Not only does it provide world-class low end response, but its midrange punch and bite, combined with the classic warmth and cut of Celestion Vintage 30s, make it an excellent choice for all musical styles. Despite its reputation in high gain rock, alternative, and metal, this cabinet is versatile enough to handle any genre.

So the next time you want to bring a 4x12 but can't, the 2x12 Recto sounds big enough to make you wonder if you DO have a 4x12 behind you! Don't miss out on this legendary cabinet - get yours today!