Mesa Boogie Subway TT-800 Bass Amp Head

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Embark on a sonic journey with the Subway TT-800, where the legacy of the all-tube Boogie BASS 400+ meets the modern prowess of our award-winning Subway Series. A dual-channel powerhouse, this bass amp offers 800 Watts of Class D muscle, delivering either the rich, blooming tube character of the legendary Bass 400+ or the modern punch of the Subway Channel. Toggle between channels seamlessly with the optional foot switch, or dedicate each to different instruments for a diverse sonic palette.

Craft your tone with precision using the Subway TT-800's independent Effects Loop and patch-point style design, allowing for separate processing or integration of external preamps. The top BOOGIE Channel, inspired by the Bass 400+, features 3-D tube warmth, Subway’s HIGHPASS, and a semi-parametric MID control for added versatility. Meanwhile, the lower SUBWAY Channel caters to the modern bassist with articulate, nuanced detail and a tube preamp.

Modern features abound – DEEP and BRIGHT switches offer tone shaping flexibility, while GAIN switching allows custom configuration of attack and headroom characteristics. Whether you crave a clean, clear sound or the driving force of tube saturation, the TT-800 has you covered. Explore harmonic intricacies with the OD SYMMETRY control, offering tightly-glued harmonics or a looser, more tube-like spread. Elevate your bass game with the harmonious fusion of vintage warmth and modern precision in the Subway TT-800.