Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 24 “Lefty” Limited Edition, Eriza Verde

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Embark on a sonic journey with the SE Custom 24-08, a groundbreaking evolution of the iconic PRS guitar that ignited a revolution in 1985. Maintaining the essence of the original Custom 24, this instrument ventures into new sonic territories with innovative features.

Staying true to its roots, the SE Custom 24-08 preserves the classic specifications of the Custom platform. Yet, it introduces a modern twist with two mini-toggle coil-split switches, offering eight distinctive pickup configurations. Individually split the humbuckers into true single coils to explore a realm of sonic possibilities.

Crafted with precision, the SE Custom 24-08 showcases classic design elements – a maple top, mahogany back, rosewood fretboard, 24 frets, 25” scale length, bird inlays, signature headstock logo, and PRS patented molded tremolo. This masterpiece is now available as a limited quantity left-handed model, adding an extra dimension to its exclusivity. Contact your Authorized PRS Guitars Dealer to secure your piece of this revolutionary legacy.